Introducing OPULENCE

Opulence is our wholly, Telesa Comms created and owned, second generation, resource management platform. The core of opulence integrates different usage based systems and databases into one consolidated view.

Opulence is focused on structuring ICT usage data combined with user / business data to enable the business to not only manage this environment but to also allocate the event to a cost centre/function, ultimately providing organisations with business Intelligence.

Some of RMS’s 60+ features include:


MOBILE APPlication

Imagine having one single view into your telecoms  environment, now imagine having an application powerful enough to access it from a single touch of your mobile device.
Some might call this unattainable, we call it TeleMARI. 
TeleMARI is Telesa’s first mobile device application for telecoms resource management, available on both iOS and Android.

Some of Telemari’s features include: