Who Is Telesa?

We are a proudly South African owned and run company that has designed and developed multiple software platforms that have the ability to interface with all service providers networks and any South African enterprise customers.

About US

Who we are

Telesa Comms was established on 1 September 2002 with the focus of streamlining Telecommunication Expense Management and enabling strategic telecommunications business management. Our mandate is to help corporations to reduce spend, increase productivity and simplify necessary processes.

our dream

Our thorough processes, embedded in our on-going services and software, enable companies to automate core functions and transform a manual, time-consuming, paper-based process into a tightly managed automated solution.We are a solution provider for ICT management, Cost Optimization and business intelligence. Our revolutionary solutions assist in the automation of this area and presenting business intelligence information where needed. This is achieved by measuring and managing all 7 key focus areas.

our mission

We pride ourselves in being totally neutral in the Telecommunications industry ensuring we have no vested interest in any company supporting this industry. This is achieved by a dual strategy in that no shareholder or director may have shares in the industry thereby ensuring that Telesa has no revenue sharing models with suppliers to the industry. Furthermore, Telesa ensures that it promotes and maintains excellent relationships with all role players in the industry and in doing so further promotes neutrality and trust.

“Dedicated, Innovated and Driven, Our Teams Are Inspired and Motivated by Our Leaders”

our strengths

Since the turn of the century, we have built strong relationships with client companies, service providers and institutions.Today, Telesa has gained a consolidated national recognition.


We pride ourselves in being totally neutral in our evaluation of service offerings.


Over 100 years experience, we have extensive knowledge within our industry. We conduct research to ensure the best solutions.


We pride ourselves in being a leader within the ICT industry and leading the market in business ready solutions.


We are committed to providing our clients with the best service, solutions and software possible.


We never stop pushing the status quo with our innovative solutions


We believe in honesty, integrity, loyalty and staying true to our morals and high standards.

meet the team

Head of Account Management

“Telesa understands that our customer’s core business may not always be vested in the telecoms industry, and we have been able to provide expert advice and solutions to our customer’s business environment. I joined Telesa in September 2002 when the company started. My role is to provide the best experience to our customers through the entire customer journey.”

Head of Operations and Project Manager

“I manage the Operations and Project teams at Telesa Comms and I have been working here for 17 years. Being here this long has groomed me into the person that I am today, “confident and always thoughtful”. I have grown both personally and in my career, gaining knowledge and experience along the way. At Telesa, we are not just colleagues; we are a family, our Telesa family, my home away from home and I am blessed to be part of this awesome and wonderful team”

The Underboss COO & CIO

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” – Steve Jobs. The Exceptional Telesa team motivate me to always perform at my peak. We believe in understanding our customers and providing them with valued support. My journey with Telesa since 2003 has enabled me to contribute significantly to the development of the Telesa suite of telecoms software products. Constantly looking to optimize.

The Real Boss

“I have been blessed with an exceptional maker, wife and future leader children. I am goal driven and believe in accountability and sound Personal and Business ethics (loyalty, honesty, and integrity) focussed on building people. My strengths lie in my ability to map strategies across different industries including building teams to support this strategy. My 35 years of in-depth knowledge in the telecommunication industry has assisted our company’s success.