Introducing Billiance

BILLIANCE is Telesa’s BSS/OSS platform designed and built entirely in-house. It was developed to bridge the gap between service providers’ billing platforms, changes in the market and customers’ expectations. Our solution is based on a Telesa principle that automation is key and can operate as the core platform or to support another system.

What our platform does:

  • Provides customers with a mechanism that legitimises their service providers billing, the ability to manage these services and allocate the cost where needed. Billing is legitimised through a revenue assurance process.
  • Provides operators / service providers with a mechanism to bridge the gap between their billing and their customer’s experience.
  • Provides service providers with a reseller model to market, as well as a billing mechanism in support of providing services to the industry.

Our platform was built with a focus on the 6 Management features needed in order to sustain a professional billing and provisioning platform that ensures credibility in the eyes of our Clients. 

These features are:

These features are: