Implementation of New Technologies: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

With the rapid development of new technologies, there are many shiny objects that promise to improve, assist or automate business procedures.

What we do differently

The first component of the implementation of new technology is understand the value of the solution upfront. Typically, a company selling this desired technology uses a certain type of modelling. Profiles are run against this modelling and from there the opportunity is built and the concept is created to sell.

Data true to corporate environment

At Telesa, we access the raw data of every single event that happens to get a true view of the customer’s architecture or environment. We take the proposal, overlay it onto the reality of your business environment and make sure this process goes back as far as the records are available to us.

We reevaluate the current environment of the business, based on the proposal. We then measure to the cent what the net result would have been using the same profile of what they’re measuring, which is the real actual profile of the utilization and then map and show the end result from a return on investment point of view.

This includes the effect of the actual project rolled out over time, what the costs are going to be of that or loss of it going to be of that and that has to be built into, into that.

Measurement to gain forward

We receive data from the service providers environment and every single record that is needed to complete the measurement. We then measure the success of that based on the proposal and the true value of the change out to give a trend, historic or savings model reporting mechanism to prove the value of the return on investment.

Highlighting of ROI measurement

If the company is not getting a return on their investment, Telesa highlights this. You will typically find that there may be a change in the environment that causes the profile to no longer be valid. This too is highlighted and measured against the previous environment so that the person can still see whether it was a good decision based on historic information and historic platforms that were in place before.

Automated management and reporting

This entire process is done outside the customer environment in an automated central environment. There is no need for customers to allocate resources, to try and manage this and report against this. This environment remains focused, without any information falling through the cracks.


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