Simplifying the Procurement Process

The procurement of technology and services can be a lengthy one, as most service providers do not have tools in place to enable you to go through the quoting process yourself. In many cases, the design of the solution needed to support the business can be complex in nature, which makes it difficult for the service provider to put an automated quoting system in place. Companies become very reliant on interfacing with the service providers to map their way through the quoting process. This results in a manual, labour intensive and time consuming process. 

The procurement process is complex and becomes a nightmare, as the majority of the processes from both the service provider and the client is manually driven by human resources. A further issue is presented as there are less skilled people to do more and more work. 

The entire procurement process is further complicated by trying to understand where the order is in its life cycle. The tracking of the life cycle is an entirely manual process, which is generally driven by email or call centers. If any of these services are deemed to be cancelled services, it tends to become last on the pile to process by the service providers. Therefore, the cancellation process becomes a total nightmare. Many services are driven by debit orders, which means that you will have these services deducted even though you no longer need them.

Types of Products from Service Providers:

  1. Shopping Basket Environment

This involves a simple process of selecting the product you want to buy and ordering it. Service providers generally have tools in place to support this process, but many make use of a manual process that involves sending emails, getting quotes etc. 

Complex Solution

These products are technical and complex in nature. This involves a team member that needs to obtain the product requirements needed by your business and present the best product to meet those requirements. This is often a manual process where your request is sent to an engineer who creates a template of the best solution. This is then sent to the sales representative to relay this information to you. This is a tedious process as the information is passed from person to person within the service provider environment before a suitable solution is presented to you. If you are unhappy with the product offered, you will need to go through this entire process again. This makes it very difficult to ascertain where you are in the quoting process. 

The formal process with service providers usually moves from a sales environment to a solution design environment. These environments often have limited resources resulting in the process being delayed even further.

Telesa Solution:

Telesa assists service providers to build a platform within our environment that will give you the shopping cart experience. It also provides an engineering experience, where the engineer can log onto the system to see the product requirements and design the solution that you are looking for. The questions that the engineer would need you to answer are built into the system to ensure that the engineer has all the information they would need to design the solution. The system then fetches the technology needed to support the process, when those answers are received. The product quoted on will then immediately be presented to you, so that you can go through an internal process to accept or decline the quote. 

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