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How The Latest ICT Trends Have Redefined the Industry

The major component that has redefined the industry is a move from a CapEx (Capital expenditures) model to an OpEx (Operating expenses) model. In essence, instead of being able to purchase software, you have to rent it monthly. The delivery of cloud-based solutions and the move to a pay-as-you-go model gives companies the ability to stretch their budgets and shift their IT CapEx costs to an OpEx model. 

The days of long-term contracts are also coming to an end; it will become a commodity rather than a contract. This is going to have a huge impact on the ICT industry as there are components within the ICT environment that are non-negotiable, such as a phone call that cannot be made without a phone.

Another change that is becoming prominent around ICT, is a greater demand on courier companies in support of ICT companies. With the OpEx or commodity type model, the need to move ICT supporting physical goods increases, and therefore we foresee an increased need for quick and overnight types of events. This will result in courier companies becoming vital in supporting the ICT industry.

What we are also seeing is that the entire ICT environment is going to become very software driven. Sophisticated ICT software will make telecoms business management easier and more efficient. 

Because of the ICT industry being dynamic and fast-paced, there is a need for human capital to become well trained in the new trends in this industry. There will also be a shift from a skilled person actually doing the work themselves, to where people programming software to do the work for them. The shift to automation places a demand on skilled individuals guiding programs to do the work they would usually do themselves.  

The ICT industry is a fast-paced industry that is continually changing and adapting to improve the user experience. These trends are crucial elements that are going to affect the industry in the near future. 

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