Mitigate The Impact of Covid-19 on Performance and Efficiency Within Your Business

The impact of Covid-19 has presented businesses with a fair amount of challenges, the prominent one being a lack of control and visibility over their business environments. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, employers have been asking their employees to work from home to practise social distancing in order to ‘flatten the curve’. This model of remote working has forced businesses to rely on carrying their business application across third party open networks back to the central business environment and rely on the limited tools these providers have in giving visibility of the efficiency of doing business this way. It is adapting to these new circumstances that presents the company with a myriad of decisions, which include making decisions about the IT infrastructure, investments regarding the company’s efficiency, policies that employees should adhere to, how to effectively manage employees in remote settings and the tools to support visibility of these areas.

The Solution:

Businesses need to implement the use of intelligent business tools to correlate data across various environments into a central environment that is supported by industry leadership to provide an understandable view of the effectivity, efficiency and costs associated with events. The Telesa system is the logical solution to prepare for the challenges facing businesses today as the result of the rise in remote working. The system is created to bring all data feeds into one central environment, map the correlation between data and provide reports to highlight this correlation.

The Telesa System provides the following features:

  • Understanding the cost application of making the transition to remote working
  • Monitoring the ability of service providers to provide quality technology to different areas
  • Measuring of efficiency and effectivity of performance within the environments
  • Identifying failures within the experience
  • Building of business models to understand cost implications
  • Monitoring the ability of technology to perform
  • Track and allocate costs

It is important for businesses to make the transition to allowing flexibility in working environments now. According to a study done by Regus South Africa, over 50% of workers now report they work outside the main office 2 – 5 days a week or more. Remote working is becoming a reality within the work environment. It is important for businesses to put tools in place, such as the Telesa system, to ensure a productive and effective environment for workers to excel despite their locations.