Telecommunications 6 Key Focus Areas For Business

Telecom spend is seen as one of the highest cost components for any organisation and yet, if managed correctly, will result in significant savings and increased efficiency within an organisation.

Telesa has taken over 30 years of experience of Telco management knowledge and packaged this into the three important areas to reduce spend namely: Rates, Infrastructure and Behaviour.

This is achieved by measuring and managing costs in the 6 key focus areas of business:

Usage management

Within our clients’ telecoms environments, we noticed they usually had a loss of up to 30% on their total telecom bill as a result of misuse.

Usage management is a solution designed to change user behaviour by creating awareness and enabling users to manage their own budgets, spend and deductions with the intention to support companies’ business drive to reduce private spend  and increase productivity.

Financial management

With the Rand being weak and price increases eminent, now is the best time to save money on your telecom expenses. To support this, Telesa’s Bill Management Serves (Telegence) product is a great tool to take control of this complex environment allowing you to integrate supplier, customer, HR and database destination information processes to increase the call identification process with the intent of truly understanding items like your costs of sales and the cost of HR.

Contract Management

Telegence is a valuable corporate financial enabler, enabling all aspects of invoice management from invoice collection to contract compliance.

Infrastructure Management

In order to ensure that your company is efficiently using the network technology supporting a company, there is a continual evaluation of the architecture to ensure optimal deployment.

Service Management

Service Management refers to the proactive management of the service providers supporting your company’s telecommunication service through a broad vendor management approach with a special focus on service delivery and faults management.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is focused on moving away from using the traditional view of telecommunications services to that of one where the data available forms part of information in support of business intelligence.

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