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Would you recommend that businesses begin implementing solutions to manage remote working environments now?

We believe that it is a given that you have to, and it’s not as simple as just letting people work from home. Your entire architecture of how you do business has to change and the entire architecture of the support systems around it: from your application right down to the physical part has to change.

Yes, we would recommend to start looking at implementing remote working environments because it definitely has its benefits and the quicker we can adopt the areas that need to be adopted to support this environment, the quicker we can be ahead of the curve and grow from that point of view.

It is going to change the entire landscape of certain industries. Industries that invest in office space are going to have to relook at their business model, as an example. 

We will most probably see situations where office space is going to be converted to residential areas eventually, because there’s going to be no sense in having these big office spaces, but a greater need for residential environments in commercial environments bringing the employee closer to the office. Other examples would be moving office space to warehousing; logistics etc.

Businesses are going to have to adapt and support what’s coming in the future and the quicker you do that, the better and the quicker individuals will accept that it’s going to change; the quicker their whole psycho around this environment will change and make employees feel more positive towards the change to remote working.

There is definitely a need to go down this road; there’s no question about it. If any individual industry, company or country does not, they are just going to be taken over by foreign environments.

We have already seen how the call center environment changed drastically a couple of years ago when everything moved to India, because they were willing to work remotely, or they were working remotely at a price point much less than the contracted environments in countries where the labour laws were too restrictive. This moved the business away from those environments and a lot of people suffered from that. So businesses are going to have to; there’s no choice.

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