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The Role of AI in Resource Management

AI plays a significant role in optimizing resource management by providing accurate and real-time data analysis, predictive modeling and automation.

Some specific roles of AI in resource management optimization include:

1. Data analysis and decision-making:

AI algorithms can process large amounts of data from various sources, like sensor networks, IoT (Internet of Things) devices or historical data, explains Monolith. (n.d.). This data is then used to identify patterns, extract useful insights and make data-driven decisions (Monolith, n.d.).

2. Predictive modeling:

AI can utilize machine learning algorithms to create predictive models that forecast future resource demand and help businesses to anticipate potential future requirements (Tirmizi, 2023). By analysing historical data and considering factors like seasonality, market trends and customer behaviour, AI can optimize resource planning and scheduling to meet resource demand effectively, explains Ahmed (2023).

3. Automation and optimization:

AI algorithms allow for the automation and optimization of the resource allocation processes (Leadership, n.d.). For example, in supply chain management, AI can optimize logistics routes, inventory levels and production schedules with the goal of reducing waste, minimizing costs and maximizing resource utilization.

4. Environmental sustainability:

AI can help optimize resource management for environmental sustainability. For instance, in water resource management, AI can analyse data from sensors and weather forecasts to predict water demand, manage supply and reduce wastage. AI can also optimize waste management processes, promote recycling efforts and ensure efficient use of resources to minimize their environmental impact (Tehrani, 2023).


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